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Green Crescent, Joining the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Continues to be a Global Player in the Fight Against Addictions

Joining the 62nd Narcotic Drugs Commission Assembly this year at the United Nations Headquarters in Austria’s capital Vienna, Green Crescent continues to be a global role model in sharing experiences and practices in the fight against addictions.

Giving a presentation in the “Leave No One Behind” session that Green Crescent has organized, Green Crescent General Manager Sultan Işık has shared her experiences regarding the fight against drug addiction in Turkey.

In addition to Işık, various presentations were given regarding the methods of fighting against addictions by UNODC Drug Prevention and Health Unit President Gilberto Gerra, Red Cross and Red Crescent Permanent Commission Chairman Dr. Massimo Barra, WFAD Secretary General Linda Nisson, and the UN Vienna Permanent Representative Ahmet Muhtar Gün.

“Families must be involved in the treatment process”
Highlighting that as the regional leader Green Crescent is the only NGO in terms of fighting against addictions of alcohol, drug, tobacco, gambling, and technology globally, Işık has indicated that the addiction disease does not only affect the addict, but also affects different layers of society directly or indirectly:

“Informing the families adequately and correctly about the addiction disease and its treatment process greatly contributes to the recovery of the individual. While the periods of staying clean and sober are much longer amongst the individuals who participate in the therapies together with their families, the percentage of attendance is also much higher.”

Indicating that Green Crescent has been attending the programs embodied at the UN regularly for 3 years and has hosted numerous sessions, Işık highlighted that addiction is never the problem of others, and that everyone must participate in the subject with the same sensitivity.

“Turkey is a role model”
Sharing that parent-child relationship is of paramount importance in order to prevent substance abuse, UNODC Drug Prevention and Health Unit President Gilberto Gerra explained that children had stronger relationships with their relatives in the past, while having a chance to grow up in big families, and that it played a definitive role in the children’s individual developments.

Gerra indicated that a child who has a good relationship with his/her parents has a stronger character, and that this situation improves the child’s resilience against negative external factors. Speaking highly of Green Crescent’s practices, Gerra said “With its ongoing practices in the field of addiction, Turkey is a role model in the region.”

Throughout the CND 2019 sessions, Green Crescent’s 3rd International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest’s prize winning artworks were exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna.

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