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Mentorship programme

The Mentorship programme is a year-long, voluntary platform for Country Green Crescent staff members to develop supportive relationships. We pair new Country Green Crescents in the International Federation of Green Crescents (IFGC) with experienced Green Crescents who have similar goals and interests.  


Mentees work with a mentor on creating a plan for reaching their developmental goals that outlines specific objectives and actions. They actively request information and counsel from their mentor based on these goals, and regularly communicate with him or her as to how the information was used. It is an excellent opportunity to receive advice on specific projects or activities and ultimately build a stronger connection to one’s specialised area.

Mentees are from Country Green Crescents who are new to IFGC. They are ready to take initiative, identify concrete performance goals, specify expected outcomes and communicate effectively with their mentor to ensure the best support possible.

Interested? The call for mentees will open in February 2019.


Mentors dedicate approximately two hours of their time per month to mentoring individuals who are new to their positions at IFGC. They offer assistance for attaining particular goals where necessary and seeking out opportunities within their professional network that may be relevant for their mentees. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen one’s coaching and leadership skills, and play a key role in someone’s professional growth.

Mentors have at least one year of experience within the IFGC or area of expertise and are enthusiastic about sharing best practice examples and their own career experiences. They are able to communicate effectively with others and can be trusted to keep the information their mentee shares with them confidentially.

Interested? The call for mentors will open in February 2019.


Date Activity
18 February Call for mentee and mentor applications opens.
18 March Application process closes.
End of March Matches are made and pairs are informed.
5 April Deadline to confirm the participation in the programme.
October Opportunity for pairs to present their action plans during the Capacity Building Programme (optional).

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