The Federation aims to;

  • - Ensure mutual cooperation and coordination among its members at the highest level, and sets in motion the awareness, strength and resources of communities in order to fight against addictions in the international arena;
  • - Provide assistance to people who are in need, in line with the protection of human pride and respectability, under all circumstances, at all times and in all places,
  • - Contribute continuously to the development of the capacity of communities to fight against addictions;
  • - Develop the necessary cooperation and joint working organizations with national and international public, private and non-government organizations in line with these aims.


The aim of the Federation is the protection of human health against risk factors which give rise to addiction, and ensuring that human dignity is respected. In all of its activities, the Federation supports mutual understanding, fellowship, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace between individuals. The Federation will endeavor to prevent and ease any human pain arising from addictions, in its international capacity, irrespective of location.

The Federation will not discriminate in respect of nationality, race, religious belief, social class or political views in its services. It will focus on easing the human pain arising from addictions, with the most effective measures within its capacity, by giving priority to the most urgent and mandatory needs.

The Federation is an independent organization in the international arena. As a supporter of public authorities in the international arena, the Federation is subject to international agreements, norms and practices.

The Federation is a voluntary charity organization, which does not seek any personal or organizational profit in its services in any way.

The Federation is a voluntary non-government organization, which establishes preventative programs to fight against all types of addiction causing factors and processes – in particular addictions to tobacco, alcohol and substances – at the rate of its institutional capacity, and which endeavors to mobilize the therapy and treatment services of the public sector and civilian community in the most effective manner, against addictions which have already occurred.

The Federation embraces the approach of research, analysis and intervention based on evidence in its activities to achieve an enhancement and/or strengthening of behavior in the stages of protection against and prevention of addictions and the fight against addictions in the therapy and treatment stages.

The Federation adopts the principles of establishing a global organization in the field of the fight against addictions, which has equal responsibilities and duties in cooperation and coordination, and the members of which possess an equal status in the field of the fight against addictions, of solving problems on a global scale with this organization, of working on a global scale and of functioning at global standards, being effective on a global scale and possessing a good global reputation.

The Federation sees grassroots representation in all sections of all of the communities of all of the countries and all of the areas of life it operates in, organization in order to establish a public health consciousness at every level from the individual to public organizations, and the performance of participative work at the communal level, as the requirement of ensuring lasting success.